A Pizza Bed & Other Imaginative Creations

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She had us with the Pizza Bed! Brooklyn based freelance art director Claire Maganiello has a penchant for storytelling, problem solving, snapbacks and pizza.

We can’t think of a better way to drift off into dreamland than wrapped up in our favorite food. The scrumptious looking blanket and puffy crust pillows are sure to bring on some spicy dreams, without the heartburn.

Claire is part of the award-winning creative duo, Claire + Emily. As the story goes…

They didn’t meet on the first day of their first semester at Miami Ad School. On their first day, everyone kept mixing them up – because they’re both small ladies with hair on their heads, or something. 

Months later, at the end of a long party celebrating a very long semester, Claire and Emily found themselves on the roof of the Thompson Hotel together, staring tipsily over the downtown traffic and discussing the demise of their respective childhood pets. In almost the same breath, they decided to try working together. It was a good idea. 

Here are a few more of Claire’s imaginative creations that we love.


Presidential Drag


Swagger Portrait


My Little Claire