A Moment In Time With Photographer Cerise Doucede

Quotidien01 ©Cerise Doucede
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French photographer and Woman You Should Know, Cerise Doucede creates gravity defying photographs capturing a moment of time.

In her series Egarements and Quotidien, Cerise shows her subjects among the chaos of their own thoughts, lost in daydreams from their otherwise boring reality. Inspired by everyday materials and everyday life, the objects are arranged and suspended to create mesmerizing, brief moments of confusion that flirt between reality and fiction.

“Each portrait is a reflection of the desires, fears, obsessions, fantasies of the central person – and how they affect their imagination”- Cerise Doucede

Here are a few of our favorites:

COLETTE-applatit ©Cerise Doucede

egarements04 ©Cerise Doucede

egarements01 ©Cerise Doucede

egarements06 ©Cerise Doucede

quotidien05 © Cerise Doucede

quotidien03 © Cerise Doucede

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  • Millie

    Wild, really wild!! The apple one is my favorite. That poor woman has such a bored look on her face just knowing how tedious it is to peel so many apples. Cerise has captured her wishing she hadn’t wanted to make apple sauce!!! Very cool pictures!

  • Farah

    The cereal image reminds me of a Monday morning. These are really great.

  • Guy from Hells Kitchen

    Will she tell us her secret? I guess that would spoil the fun.

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