9 Shocking Women’s Rights Milestones In Under One Minute

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In under a minute, Refinery29 reminds us how long it took for women to gain some very basic rights in the USA. Did you know that single women couldn’t get approved for a credit card until 1974?

  • divalicias

    What about full inclusion in the US Constitution? We are still waiting for that! All the “rights” granted to women through statute, court decision or Executive Order can all be easily reversed. Women are not protected by the Constitution except for voting. We need to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to insure that women are protected by the Constitution.

  • Just Me

    I could’ve lived without the serving on a jury one….

    • Betty Anne

      Until you have to be tried by a jury of your peers and there are no women on it.

      • Just Me

        I’ve never been called on to serve on a jury for a woman defendant, but I take your meaning. Anyway, I was joking

  • Ann Kosa

    Seeing as how I had a credit card when I was in college (graduated, B.A. 1973) I don’t find this very credible over all. Also, are they talking just federal law? Things were mostly state by state. For example, abortion was legal through week 24 in 1970 in the State of New York. So girls from all over went to New York.

  • Nora Calugas

    i’ve been tried many times, by many foolish, terrible men, alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals, bigots, chauvinists, greedy, arrogant, jerks,
    i’m tired

  • Just Me

    I could have lived without the right to serve on a jury, lol