7 Ways To Combat Manterrupting

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Studies show when women speak up at work, they are more likely to be interrupted and less likely to be credited for their contributions. As a result, women speak up less than their male counterparts. However,  manterrupting and bropropriating don’t just harm women. This pattern stifles teamwork and holds back innovation.

This guide for men, women and bosses, by graphic artist Kathleen Edison was inspired by Jessica Bennett’s Time.com column “How Not to Be ‘Manterrupted’ in Meetings,” and illustrates how we can stop it!


  • Kg

    18 years ago, I used to feed my best ideas to a guy before the meetings started, so that they would get heard. Now, I’m going to find a wing (wo)man to help me get heard instead.

  • TJ

    I found this very interesting. It brought back so many memories of meetings in which I, even though a manager in my dept., hesitated to voice an idea or opinion because I knew I would either be ignored or interrupted.

  • flowirin

    i practiced ‘bystander interruption’ to combat an overly dominant chair in a committee. All sorts of stuff he didn’t like got discussed, i kept batting his interruptions down and many motions were carried. So he scheduled future meetings for when he knew i was unavailable….

  • Mickael Andersson

    points 1 to 6 are good points. and should be observed in any group setting. and not only in respect to male and female, but across all that divide us. but point 7 i will toss in the trash can. cuse i will never support a company based on management gender or etnicity and so on. i suport best product as long as it is to my morals produced ethically correkt.

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