This 6 Year Old Surfer Is Making Big Waves

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At just six years old Quincy Symonds may just be the best surfer and skater on the planet.

Wanting to spend more time with her dad Jake, who has been surfing his entire life, Quincy asked to accompany him to the beach one early morning while the family was on holiday. She didn’t know what surfing was, but she didn’t care, she was ready to figure it out. That was a year-and-a-half ago.

Quincy’s superior skills, and even more importantly her passion, have captured the attention of the surfing world, gaining multiple sponsors and a fanatical following on social media.

Her mother Kim said that seeing her in the water was the most natural thing in the world. “The very first time I saw her out in the ocean she changed, she became a complete person. To say that about a four or five-year-old might sound very strange, but I watched it happen.”

“It just doesn’t make sense to me, how she’s able to do what she does. I’m amazed by it. I’m really proud of it but, to be honest, I can’t comprehend how she does it,” says her dad Jake.


While Quincy’s accomplishments in the water and the skate bowl are impressive on their own, they are even more inspiring given that Quincy has been doing all of this while coping with a complicated medical condition.

Not long after she was born, Quincy was diagnosed with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, a genetic disorder that affects her body’s ability to create cortisone.

Quincy’s condition requires medication several times a day, and can occasionally get so severe she needs intensive medical treatment.

While most may think it’s too dangerous for a five or six-year-old to be surfing or dropping 12 feet on a skateboard, Quincy’s parents take every possible measure to ensure her safety.


Quincy says she wants to be a pro surfer and skater, and it looks like this WYSKette is on her way!

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  • Laura

    This is one incredible little girl!! Quincy, keep your dreams alive and they will happen!!

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    Parenting done right!

  • TheGlitterKitty

    What a flat out fantastic family! Quincy is incredible.

  • angela evoy

    Makes me want to get back out on a board. The best part is from under the water watching the waves roll over.

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    What an awesome girl.

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    Another wasted life.