5 Ways To Fake A Thigh Gap [VIDEO]

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One of our fave v-loggers, Taylor Adele Smith is at it again, this time, she’s taking on the “thigh gap”controversy. Taylor shares the following message:

“Something to keep in mind about the whole thigh gap controversy is that some people naturally have thigh gaps, and some people don’t; it’s all a matter of your hip structure! You shouldn’t shame people that do have them, nor should you shame those that don’t, and most of all, don’t shame yourself!

The thing to keep in mind is that your presence of/lack of thigh gap shouldn’t be your top priority in life. Think of things that do matter, like your education, your work/career, friendships, family, relationships, etc etc etc.

Embrace what you have, because you’re a perfect little nugget just the way you are. And… if anyone does anything to make you feel insecure about yourself, become a velociraptor and pull a jurassic park on them.”


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  • gargouille

    She’s a gem…and she reminds me that, in fact, all prescribed methods for thinning are parodies…of what, I’m not sure. But they are all sick jokes. Taylor’s tricks are not a whole lot stranger than wearing support hose or more ludicrous than liposuction or more damaging than bulimia. Truly, I wish girls Captain Morganed their thighs instead. But ideally, we’d be glad our thighs get along so well. I bet they stay warmer in winter!