48 Sexist Comments Men Hear In A Lifetime

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Earlier in December we shared a video from HuffPo on the endless sexist comments women hear in a lifetime. “Don’t be so bossy.” “Don’t be a slut.” “Why are you getting so emotional?” “It must be that time of the month.” “You must have been beautiful when you were younger.” Those amount to just a few we are frequently subjected to.

But sexism isn’t only directed toward women and girls, men and boys also hear their share of harmful messages about what it means to be a “real man.”

In their new video, HuffPo presents “48 Things Men Hear In A Lifetime.”

“Boys don’t play with dolls.” “Boys don’t cry.” “You throw like a girl.” “Boys will be boys.” “Don’t be such a pussy.” “Dude, are you on your period? Man Up!”

Yes, sexism cuts both ways. Society has created ridiculously limited definitions of maleness, imposing unattainable and impossible expectations on boys and men. But what strikes us most about many of the messages in the video is that they are comparisons to being a girl or woman, because of course, what could be worse than that, right? (sense the sarcasm)

These messages aren’t just hurtful to boys and men; they are hurtful to everyone.

  • Any man will tell you, we do not consider these sexist. The world is biologically driven. Everyone pretends to be rational beings considering options, but even the most rational of animals follows the genetically induced mandate to reproduce. This reproductive strategy drives EVERYTHING. From women fearing to make a mistake and choosing sexual partners, with men performing acts of dominance to show suitability

    • Max Fall

      Wow, you’re just filled to the brim with bullshit. I’m “any man” and these things are sexist. Just because you are safely wrapped and coddled inside your imaginary world of binary genders and clear definitions does not mean you hold they key to any kind of fact. Feel free to open your eyes and start realizing that the real world, gender identity and gender roles are wildly oppressive both to men, women and anyone who considers themselves somewhere in between – or shut your tiny, stupid trap.

      • Feel better now? You ARE special. Please stop trying to change everyone else to render yourself vanilla plain. Being special has its own costs and benefits. Revel in uour uniqueness, as I do in mine.

      • Alfredo Lopez

        His logic seemed pretty sound to me. It seems as though you don’t understand that exceptions to the rule do not invalidate the rule itself. Sure, people are different. But humans are very predictable as most animals are.

  • Andrew Gow

    I beg to differ, Mr. Rex. Culture drives everything, as all the most important recent scholarship in ethology, zoology, and anthropology, and much of it in biology as well, demonstrates. Cetaceans, primates, corvids — and the list is much longer — all turn out to be deeply enculturated, as well as motivated by complex emotions like altruism and sorrow, revenge and alienation: so much for the primacy of evolutionary advantage-seeking. They, like us, are sentient beings whose culture determines a huge portion of how they act and live. And that is why sexism is a cultural choice, not a biological imperative.