Women Skydivers Gather In An Attempt To Break World Record

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UPDATE BELOW – While we are all still digesting our Thanksgiving dinners, a group of nearly 100 female skydivers have gathered in Arizona to try to break the world record for an all-female mass-formation jump. The skydivers are gearing up to break the previous record of a 41-woman formation. The attempt will take place today or tomorrow.

Photo Credit: Skydive Arizona Yesterday, the group made multiple practice jumps, which also doubled as a competition among the women vying for a spot on the record-breaking team. Flying as high as 18,000 feet, the women plummet head-first toward the ground at speeds approaching 170 mph.

Participants include 40 Americans and 50 women from Australia, Russia, France, England, Canada and Mexico.


Lead photo: via Women’s Vertical World Record Facebook page

UPDATE: They did it… the women made history! Here’s the winning shot with 63 women in the formation. CONGRATS!!! Photo by Jason Peters


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    The configuration looks almost like a star, which is what these women are!!!! STARS!!