Meet The WYSK Who Put The Wonder In Wonder Woman

Jeannie Epper stood in front of moving cars, crashed through windows and leapt from tall buildings as Lynda Carter’s stunt double throughout the TV series.


Fix-It Friday: How To Use Eggshells In 6 Unexpectedly Egg-cellent Ways

Turns out eggshells offer many natural DIY uses in the home and garden. So if you’ve got more post-Easter eggs than you know what to do with, read this!

Easter eggs

Kitchen Throw Down: Cool Countertop Finishes Set To Dethrone Granite

The ubiquitous kitchen darling is on its way to déclassé status compliments of things like tempered glass and nanotech materials.

granite countertop_kitchen




34 Tips For Your Next Job Interview

April 23, 2014 by

According to the U.S. Bureau Labor of Statistics March 2014 report, although on the whole, the economy has continued to add jobs, the unemployment rate was unchanged at 6.7 percent. But, for women it’s entirely a different story. The unemployment rate for adult women increased from 5.9 percent in February to 6.2 percent in March. ... [Read More]


10 Awesome Quotes To Inspire You To Take A Chance

April 23, 2014 by

The signs are everywhere. Sheryl Sandberg tells us to "Lean In". Cheryl Laughlin inspires us to "be BOLD". Nike motivates us to "Just Do It". Apple stirs us to "Think different". Even the pink, blue and red question marks on a classic Monopoly board tempt us to take a "Chance", which is exactly what today - April 23rd, Take A Chance Day - is all about. As a site that features women who ... [Read More]


Woman Takes The Bikini Boldly Into The Future With 3D Printing

April 22, 2014 by

On July 5, 1946, with the help of Parisian showgirl Micheline Bernardini, French engineer Louis Réard unveiled a daring two-piece swimsuit for women that was "smaller than the world's smallest swimsuit". He called it the bikini. Almost 68 years later, Réard’s swimwear innovation, which is still as popular and head turning as ever, is getting a futuristic tech upgrade ... [Read More]

Dove Knows EVERYTHING About Women & Beauty. This Ad Proves It.

Dove Knows EVERYTHING About Women & Beauty. This Ad Proves It.

April 22, 2014 by

We're not the only ones sick and tired of Dove's Real Beauty "ads", aka manipulated social experiments. After being pushed over the edge with the company's most recent, and less successful attempt at trying to make women feel more beautiful, comedians Emily Altman, Langan Kingsley, Livia Scott and Lauren Adams, of the comedy network ... [Read More]

tip jar

To Tip Or Not To Tip… That Is The Question

April 22, 2014 by

It has become fairly common practice, if not an expected gesture, to tip service providers like a waiter, hair stylist, car washer, manicurist, taxi driver, delivery people, massage therapist, valet, and maybe even your barista (thanks to strategically placed "TIPS" jars displayed on lots of coffee shop counters). But has the obligation of “tipping” trumped the true essence of a “gratuity”... ... [Read More]


Spaghetti And Meatball Cake? Meet the Woman Behind This Wacky Creation

April 21, 2014 by

While exploring recipes for the recent holidays, we came across this super wacky spaghetti and meatball carrot cake! Intrigued by the mash-up, we dug a little deeper to find out about the creator behind it. Our research took us to the blog, How To Cook That, by Ann Reardon. Not only is this blog really cool, but Ann is pretty cool as well, and definitely a woman you should know. ... [Read More]

Women Sharing Stories

Who Are The Women WE Should Know?

April 21, 2014 by

There are fantastic, incredible, interesting, passionate and inspiring women around every corner, all over the globe. Since we can't be everywhere or know all of them, we're grateful to WYSK readers who have been sharing their stories with us. Meet Melissa Banigan, Deborah Schwartz, and Jackie Waters, just three of the many Women You Should Know recently featured in the Your Stories section of the site, ... [Read More]


A Woman’s Inspirational Prose, As She Prepares To Run The Boston Marathon Today

April 21, 2014 by

By Sanda Laflamme Go out and run Boston. Run to be strong. Run to feel proud. Run with courage. Run to feel pain. Run and let the sorrow wash over you. Run together and lift each other up. Run together with powerful energy. Run and remember. Run fast or run slow. Breathe deeply. ... [Read More]